New Lora TTN Integration

With WolkAbout IoT Platform you can connect devices over TTN (The Things Network). This connection provides a bridge to end devices and WolkAbout IoT Platform, thus enabling data acquisition from TTN. It also allows users to create devices on both WolkAbout IoT and TTN Platform.

TTN - WolkAbout Integration

Note: Prior to connecting devices to WolkAbout IoT Platform you have to create an account on TTN!

To integrate the WolkAbout IoT Platform with The Things Network:

  • Log into your TTN account and open the console to add a new application.
  • Enter Application ID and Description for the application
  • Click on Add application

The Thing Network will then generate the Application EUI and Access key.

The next step is to enter these two parameters, along with Application ID which you have previously entered in TTN, on the WolkAbout IoT Platform:

  • Open the Administration module
  • Access the Tenant Configuration screen
  • Inside the Tenant Variables tab, you will create a separate variable for each of the following three parameters:
    • Application ID
    • Application EUI
    • Access Key

To create Application ID tenant variable:

  • Click on at the top of the grid
  • This will open the Create Variable sidebar
  • Enter name for Application ID variable

Note: Variables must be named in the following manner: TTN_AccessKey, TTN_ApplicationEUI, TTN_ApplicationID.Enter the values for these variables based on your TTN Application

  • Enter the same value for Application ID as in TTN
  • Enter your password
  • Click on Save Changes

Your Application ID variable has been successfully created.

Repeat the same process for Application EUI and Access Key by entering values that were generated by TTN Application.

Next, inside the Access keys tab, you will need to generate access key which you have to enter in the TTN Application:

  • Click on Generate key to save the parameters
  • Copy the generated key to clipboard

Switch over to your TTN application and navigate to Integrations tab to add an HTTP Integration:

  • Choose HTTP Integration
  • In the Authorization field, enter access key generated by WolkAbout IoT Platform
  • Enter for the URL
  • Fill in other required fields
  • Click on Save

For more information on how to create LoRa device go to our Hackster post on visualizing TTN device data with WolkAbout IoT Platform.

Now that TTN and WolkAbout IoT Platform have a way to communicate, let’s register a device on TTN through WolkAbout IoT Platform.

Create Device

You can create a LoRa TTN device after you have completed the LoRa TTN Integration.

  • Go to Device Type Management screen
  • Click on to and select Create new device type from the menu
  • Enter device type name
  • Choose LoRa TTN for connectivity protocol
  • Choose Standard provisioning flow

You can also add at least one sensor:

  • Enter sensor data and click on Save

  • Click on Save to finish creating device type

Now that you have created a device type, you can proceed to create a specific device:

  • Select Create typed device
  • For type, select the TTN LoRA device type you have previously created
  • Enter Device name (on TTN it is Device ID)
  • For APP_KEY, generate a random 32-character hexadecimal string
  • Check the Create Default Semantic checkbox to create a semantic group from this device.
  • Click on Save

Your LoRa device has been successfully created on WolkAbout IoT Platform and TTN.

If you switch over to TTN, you should see a newly registered device with the Device ID you chose. At the bottom of the device page, there is a section Example Code that contains credentials used to register your device on TTN.

Note: In case you have already created a TTN account and want to connect your device to WolkAbout IoT Platform, the procedure is the same.