Navigate Rules

To access the Logic Engine application, click on the Logic Engine icon on the platform’s home screen:

The initial Rules Management screen displays a rule grid containing the columns for:

  • Name - e.g. Air Conditioning On
  • Status - Enabled or Disabled
  • Execution Logging - Enabled or Disabled
  • Last modified by - e.g. Platform Owner
  • Last modification - Modification date
  • Actions - Details, Edit, Access list, Duplicate, Delete, Enable/Disable rule, Enable/Disable Execution logging

You can sort/search rules according to their:

  • Status - which can be selected from the dropdown menu at the top of the grid
  • Name or Description - by entering either inside the text field

After entering your sort/search criteria, you can then click on the Apply Filter button:

By clicking on the arrow which appears if you hover your cursor over the items inside the columns (all except Actions), you can choose the way the rules will be listed.

If the arrow is pointed upwards, it will sort the rules according to the selected criteria in the ascending order. If pointed downwards, rules will be sorted in the descending order.