Enable/Disable Rule and Execution Logging

Rule Engine also provides you with the ability to enable/disable rules, as well as to enable-disable execution logging.

Enable/Disable Rule

  • Double-click on the rule you want enable/disable:

  • This will open the rule details screen
  • Put the Rule Status toggle switch in the ON position to enable the rule, or the OFF position in case you want to disable it.

Once you return to the Rule Management screen, you will be able to see that the rule status has changed inside the Status column:

Enable/Disable Execution Logging

The purpose of logging is to provide insight into the inner functioning of a rule, and a way to find and correct any potential misalignments between rule conditions and state of semantics.

A rule that was evaluated negatively will NOT be logged even with tracing enabled.

You can enable/disable rule and execution logging by selecting the rule, clicking on at the top of the grid, and then selecting the appropriate option from the menu:

You can also click on next to the rule, and then select one of the options for rule/execution logging from the menu:

You can view the rule execution log by double-clicking on the rule, and then selecting the Execution log tab on the rule details screen: