Create Rule

To create a new rule:

  • On the Rule Management screen, click on at the top of the rules grid

This will open the Add new Rule screen.

Here you will find an editor that will enable you to create a rule using the Logic Engine DSL (Domain-Specific Language). Logic Engine DSL is used to describe the rule’s conditions and actions.

A DSL expression (code) which satisfies DSL grammar contains four parts:

  • Things - List of semantics, feeds, and actuators which will be used in the rule
  • Triggers - List of events that can occur on a ‘thing’ that can trigger the checking of conditions specified in the list of conditions, for example, UPDATE
  • Conditions - Conditions that must be satisfied for the rule to execute actions. If there are more conditions in the list, ALL must be satisfied
  • Actions - When ALL conditions (from the list of conditions) are satisfied, actions will be executed.

Once you have created an expression that satisfies all the conditions described above, click on Save rule:

New rule will be added to the grid:

For more details on how to use the Logic Engine DSL for rule definition, please refer to the section Logic Engine DSL Grammar section of this guide.