Manage Device Type

Duplicate type

You can duplicate an existing type and save it with a different name.

On the far right, click the Row actions button and select Duplicate

A new dialog will appear requiring you to enter:

  • Device type name (different from the original)
  • Description

This action will create a new device type already pre-populated with the data from the previously opened one (sensors, actuators, alarms and specific configuration).

After you made a duplicate, the new type can be freely edited. Each element can be changed, added or deleted.

  • To finalise the process click Save

Import/Export Type

You can create device type by importing them from an exported file.

  • Click the More button in the toolbar and
  • Select Import

Note: If a device type already exists, error message pop-up will appear.

To export device type:

  • Select one or more types from the list
  • Click the More button
  • Select Export

The exported type can be imported on any platform instance.

It will be exported in JSON format.