Manage Firmware on Device

Firmware update is a mechanism which helps you remotely install a new version of firmware or software on a physical device through the Platform tools. This process consists of three steps:

Upload Firmware

To upload Firmware File to the Platform:

  • Use drag-and-drop


  • Click Browse and upload a file from your local drive


  • Enter URL which will direct the device to the Firmware File

Note: Maximum file size is 10MB

  • Click the Upload button after completing one of the options

Download Firmware File to Your Device

Now that you have uploaded your file to the Platform it can be downloaded to the device.

Make sure your device is connected to the Platform before downloading the Firmware File.

NOTE: After the file has been successfully uploaded to the physical device, it will be permanently deleted from the Platform.

Install Firmware File on Your Device

To perform the final step, click the Install button.

After the Firmware File is installed, status of the device will change from SERVICE to CONNECTED.

You can perform the last two steps simultaneously by enabling Auto install checkbox.

NOTE: Once the installation process started, it cannot be interrupted or cancelled.

The RESET PROCESS button enables you to stop and delete all the steps previously taken. This action refers to the Platform only, not to a physical device. In case of an error during the Firmware update performance, device needs to be checked manually.