Device Firmware Update

Firmware update is a mechanism which helps you remotely install a new version of firmware or software on a physical device through the Platform tools. Our Platform, Firmware-Update-Over-The-Air (FOTA).

FOTA can be executed remotely on demand by the end user. The on-demand process includes two steps:

  • uploading the firmware file to the remote device via File Management tab
  • instructing the device to install the file via Firmware Update tab

File Upload

To upload the firmware file to the Platform:

  • Open device Details by double-clicking on the device
  • Select the File Management tab
  • Click on

  • This will open the Transfer File to device sidebar
  • Choose between one of two file transfer types: File upload and Import from URL

  • Drag-and-drop the firmware file or browse your local your local drive for the file

  • Optionally, you can check the Auto install checkbox
  • Click on Transfer

The Reset process button enables you to stop and delete all the steps previously taken. This action refers to the Platform only, not to a physical device. In case of an error during the Firmware update performance, the device needs to be checked manually.

You can stop the upload by clicking on the Abort file transfer button.

File has been uploaded successfully:

Firmware Update

Now that you have uploaded your file to the Platform it can be downloaded to the device.

Make sure your device is connected to the Platform before downloading the Firmware File.

To update the device firmware :

  • Select the Firmware Update tab
  • Select the firmware file from the drop-down list
  • Click on Install

While the device firmware is installing, device status will be set to Service Mode:

Firmware has been updated successfully: