Actility Integration

WolkAbout IoT Platform allows you to connect devices via ThingPark Actility Platform. The connection provides a bridge to end devices and WolkAbout IoT Platform, thus enabling data acquisition from Actility. It also allows the creation of devices on WolkAbout IoT and ThingPark Actility Platform.

Integration with

  • Log in to your account on the Thing Park Device manager using:
    • Your username
    • Your password

  • Select the Application servers tab from the menu on the left
  • In the Add application servers, click on Create

  • Name your application server and select HTTP Application Server (LoRaWAN) as its type

  • Once you have created your application server, select JSON untyped from the Content Type dropdown in the Application server section
  • Add a route with the following parameters:
    • Source ports: *
    • Routing strategy:
    • SequentialDestination:
  • Then, go to the AS routing profiles tab and click the Create button.

  • Name your AS routing profile and select LoRaWAN as its type.
  • Click on Create

  • In the Destinations section click Add

  • Select Local application server as Type and your previously created application server as Destination

Generating Token

  • Log in to the ThinkPark DX Admin API

  • Expand the ‘POST /OAuth/token’ and fill it out with relevant data:
    • grant_type: client_credentials
    • client_id: client id in the following format: dev1-api/
    • client_secret: your Actility password

Click the Try it out! button

You will get the access_token field in the Response Body. Then, you will need to go to WolkAbout IoT Platform.

Actility - WolkAbout IoT Platform Integration

  • Open the Administration module of the WolkAbout IoT Platform
  • Select the Tenant Configuration screen
  • Click on to create a new variable
  • The variable must be named ACTILITY_Access_Token
  • Paste the value from the access_token field into the Value field
  • Enter your password
  • Click on Save

Next up is the creation of device type.

Device Type Creation

  • Open the Device Management module of the WolkAbout IoT Platform
  • Select the Device Type Management screen
  • Click on

  • Select Create new device type from the menu

  • Enter device type name
  • Enter device type description (optional)
  • Select Actility APB as protocol
  • Postprovision flow should be set as Standard
  • Add at least one sensor
  • Click on Save

Now that you have created a device type, you need to create a specific device.

Device Creation

  • Select the Device Management screen
  • Click on
  • Select Create typed device from the menu

Inside the Create Device sidebar, do the following:

  • Select the device type you have previously created from the drop-down list (Actility Device Type, for example)
  • Enter device name
  • Enter device key, which is the Device EUI (0004A30B001FA5A4, for example)

  • Enter network address by generating a random 8-bit hexadecimal number
  • Connectivity plan - dev-cs/testing, for example (63452C0E, for instance)
  • Routing profile – ID from AS routing profiles (example: TWA_100115922.16627)
  • Device profile - LORA/GenericA.1_ETSI_Rx2-SF9, for example
  • Network session key – generate a random 32-bit hexadecimal number (d817cfe124b46a45f1d62994f27593e9)
  • App session key – generate a random 32-bit hexadecimal number with ,; at the end ( for example, ad47b6e352083e367db008ba3810e3ed,;)
  • Click on Save