Work with Dashboards

Dashboards module allows you to visualise real-time data by adding and arranging widgets. It enables you to create your custom view of a system and specific part of a system.

Dashboards module is located in the main menu within the Visualisation and Monitoring application.

Create Dashboards

There are two options to create Dashboards. You can create it from scratch or make a copy from the existing one.

Create from scratch

  • Click the Add dashboard button on the home dashboard screen

  • Select Create from Scratch

  • In the new dialog type the name of your dashboard
  • Enter scope (chose a semantic group from autocomplete dropdown menu)
  • Click Share dashboard if you would like to share it with one or more user groups

  • Click Save changes

Duplicate Dashboard

You can create a new dashboard based on a selected dashboard. The new dashboard will get an addition ‘copy’ of the original dashboard.

  • Click Add dashboard on the home dashboard screen
  • Select Duplicate dashboard

  • New dialog will pop up with the already populated name and scope (semantic group, visible but not editable)

  • Click Share if you would like to share it with one or more user group
  • Click Create dashboard

Note: The number of dashboards you can add depends on the Platform settings previously created.

Note: Prior to the next step, make sure you have connected at least one device to the Platform!

Edit Dashboards

As a creator, you can edit either private or share dashboard. The other users need write permission on dashboards.

To edit dashboards:

  • Go to Edit dashboard button on the top right

  • New dialog will pop up where you can change the name of the dashboard
  • Change Share indicator (optionally)

  • Click Save

Change background

You can change your background image on your dashboard.

  • Click the Change background button

  • Upload an image in PNG or JPG format
  • To save changes click Save

Delete Dashboards

To delete dashboard:

  • Click the Delete button

  • New dialogue will appear
  • Confirm the action by clicking Delete

Note: You can delete the entire dashboard without deleting widgets first!