Edit Access List/Import/Export/Duplicate Templates

Data management module allows you to import external template, export the ones you have created inside the module, duplicate them, and determine which users and user groups will have access by editing the template access list.

Edit Template Access List

Access to semantic templates is managed through two types of access:

  • Global Access - though predefined Global Roles (Admin, Power User, and Standard User) as well as Tenant Owner role
  • Direct Access - through Asset Roles

Semantic group access, in addition to Global Access and Direct Access, is also via parent semantic group:

For more information on how to manage access to semantics, visit the User and Role Management section of this guide.

Import Semantic Template

To import a semantic template from an external source:

  • Click on More at the top of the template grid
  • Click on Import inside the menu

  • Proceed to select a JSON template file

  • The select template will be added to the list

Export Semantic Template

To export a semantic template to a file:

  • Click on More at the top of the template grid
  • Click on Export inside the menu

  • This will export the template to a JSON file

You can also double-click on the template you want to export, and then click on Export in the top right section of the screen:

Duplicate Semantic Template

To duplicate a semantic template:

  • Double-click on the template you want to duplicate
  • Click on the Duplicate template button in the top right section of the screen

  • This will open the Create Semantic Template screen
  • Enter duplicate template name
  • Enter duplicate template description (optional)
  • All the attributes, feeds, actuators, and alarms will be copied from the original template
  • Click on Save