Charts display the history of reading/feed in the form of a chart. After selecting one of the cards (e.g. Temperature) you will be presented with a list of readings/feeds for Temperature. This module enables you to see readings/feeds from one or more devices.

Screenshot below shows readings for the selected card (in this example, Temperature).

  • Select one of the readings to see more details

  • Tap on the small calendar button

  • Choose one of the predefined periods of time to check specific range of data

Note: Today has been initially predefined.

  • To choose a specific period of time (e.g. to select a specific week), select Custom

Map Location History Report

WolkAbout Map Location History Report enables you to see your assets’ location history and routes.

The map displays connected positions of an asset for a selected date.

  • Starting point is marked with a location pin icon
  • End point is marked with a finish flag icon
  • Colour of the trajectory is darker as the trajectory approaches its end point
  • Pinch out to zoom in and see the details:
    • Semantic group name
    • Coordinates - latitude and longitude

For more information on how to create a map tracking report, go to WolkAbout IoT Web Application User Guide, and visit the Work with Charts section.