The initial screen that appears when you log into your WolkAbout mobile application is the Dashboard screen. It displays mobile-enabled widgets: Cards, Charts, Actuators (Switch, Slider (Count) and String), Gauges, Status, and Maps.

Reading details are displayed in the images below. You can reorder widgets on the screen. using the drag-and-drop functionality.

Actuators widget enables you to send an actuation value and displays the state and the value of:

  • Device with a Switch:

Switch the device on and off using the toggle switch button:

  • Device with a Slider/Count:

Change the value of the parameter by moving an indicator or entering a specific value:

Device with a String actuator widget - displays the name of the device and the String actuator you chose, as well as the time when the last change took place, i.e. when the last actuation command was sent:

To manage String actuator:

  • Tap the String widget
  • Text dialog will appear
  • Enter text inside the text box
  • Tap on

Note: Actuator displays readings of devices only after the previous operation process has been completed.

Gauge widget is a visual representation of different value ranges. Each value range can be presented using a different color.

Status widget displays current status of a semantic group based on real-time data sent from any selected feed or hardware alarm within a selected semantic group.

Widget status can be:

  • NORMAL - no alarms activated; green is the default color
  • ALARM - alarm triggered on any feed in any semantic (sub)group; red is the default color
  • WARNING - alert condition of a selected feed or semantic (sub)group; yellow is the default color

You will see a detailed description of real-time data by tapping it inside the list:

Map widget is a visual representation of the last sent physical location/position of specific GPS feeds. It enables real-time tracking of your device.

There are color-coded location markers:

red - At least one alarm is triggered in a semantic group orange - At least one warning triggered in a semantic group green - No alarm grey - Feed(s) in a semantic group are inactive

Tap a location marker and you will get the following information: name of the semantic group, and coordinates (latitude, longitude).

Note: Rotate the screen to enter landscape mode