Home Screen

WolkAbout IoT Platform’s home screen allows you to access the following applications on the Platform:

Administration application enables you to create and manage users/user groups/, create and manage global/asset roles and permissions, and configure tenants.

Device and Edge Management application enables you to create device types, specific instances of devices, device groups, shows you your connected devices, and enables you to manage them.

Data Management application enables you to group together device data (feeds, actuators, alarms, attributes) of one or more devices based on the context or logic of your choice using semantic groups and templates.

Logic Engine application analyses data in real-time and performs actions based on that data (e.g. sets the rules which trigger the performance of various tasks and automates a variety of functions).

Data Visualisation application includes two modules - Dashboards and Charts. Dashboards enable you to create your own real-time data visualisation by selecting and arranging widgets, while Charts enable you to create charts showing data history.

There is also the notification bell, which informs you about different alarm notifications:

You can access your account settings by clicking the Account Management button :

For more information on the Platform’s applications, please refer to the appropriate application section of this guide.