Account Settings

Account Settings enables you to manage your personal information, modify your password and to set your localization and timezone.

Personal Information

  • Click the user account button
  • Click Settings
  • Within Account Settings select Personal Information

  • Enter your name and last name
  • Email address will already be populated


Privacy Settings

Enables you to modify your account by changing your credentials.

  • Within Account Settings select Privacy Settings

  • Enter your old password
  • Enter your new password
  • Confirm your new password
  • Click Change password

Regional Settings on a Platform Level

This feature enables you to set the geographical location. The location you select determines what timezone and date format will be displayed. Since the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is set on the Platform by default, you can adjust your local time zone to show your actual time and location.

Note: If you want to change some parameter, the newly defined values will overwrite the default values.

By defining these two parameters, you will be able to control the platform features.

The default (predefined) values for these parameters can be managed on user and current session level.

The values on the Platform level must be defined. Platform owner can review and change platform settings by using the platform administration tool. These parameters can be set in the YAML configuration file. The values for the specific user or current browser session are optional, you can change them and this gives you full flexibility to localize your feature.

To set Time Zone and Localization:

  • Click the user account button
  • Click Settings
  • Within Account Settings select Regional Settings

  • In drop-down menu select locale(language)
  • Choose timezone
  • Click Save changes

  • To apply settings on this session only, click the checkbox below

This will change values but will not persist it on the Platform settings.


According to the settings, the selected time zone in the form of date format can be seen through the application, as shown below:

  • Within the Platform information, time format should be properly displayed


  • In device details within Device management


  • Device Imports


Regional Settings on a Tenant Level

Management of tenant configuration is included with time zone and locale, which is set by default according to the settings on the Platform level. However, this can be overridden, on a tenant level by admin or users with appropriate permissions.

To adjust the time zone and locale on a tenant level:

  • Click on Administration on the Platform’s home screen
  • Click on to open the Tenant Management screen
  • Select the Regional Settings tab
  • Click on to edit the settings
  • Select your locale and time zone from the appropriate drop-down lists
  • Click on Save changes