Options screen in WolkReact mobile application displays your account details with the option to Change server, Log out of the application and Switch tenant.

WolkAbout | Options Screen in Mobile Application 20.GA

Change Server

This feature allows you to change the servers of WolkReact application. After you click the Change server button, enter the password used to create an account on that server and you will be able to log in.

For more information on how to create an account in WolkAbout IoT Platform, go to Getting Started section of WolkReact User Guide.

Log Out

Click the Log out button and log out of your account.

Switch Tenant

Switch tenant feature allows you to switch between different tenants (contexts) you have available/can create in web application.

  • Select the Tenant available

For more information on Tenant and/or the Context, go to the Glossary of Terms on our website.