Home Screen

WolkReact web application’s home screen is Dashboards home screen.
The structure of the home screen includes the following elements:

Dashboard module is used to visualise data in real-time, control/actuate actuators and monitor significant events

Messages module lists all the messages sent from the device(s) and the Platform

Reports module enables you to see the history of data sent to the Platform

Devices module enables you to add the device to the Platform and remotely manage and configure it

Users module enables you to add users and give them various roles which define the access to different functionalities of the Platform

Rules module defines the rules on top of devices’ data and states that trigger the performance of various tasks and automate a variety of functions

Data Semantics module allows user to create his own semantic hierarchy by grouping data (feeds, actuators and alarms) from one or more devices, into a semantic group

For more information on the Platform’s modules, please refer to the appropriate module section of this guide.