Create Access List on Assets

Roles Management menu allows you to manage roles and permissions to modules within WolkAbout IoT Platform. These modules are: User Management, Roles Management, Device Management, Rule Management, Dashboards, Reports and Notifications.

Access Permissions

There are five levels of access permissions that apply to the Platform functionalities. These functionalities are predefined per functional mode and related to all data and all operations:

View - read specific data

Edit - modify specific data

Create - create new data

Delete - remove specific data

No Access - prohibit any access to resources

Note: Create, Edit and Delete permissions automatically imply View.
No Access means no permissions are available to User

Access Permissions Through Modules

User Management

These permissions are related to what certain user can do within WolkReact User Management module:

View - have an overview of users

Create - add new users

Edit - change roles or enable/disable roles

Delete - remove users

No Access

Role Management

These permissions are related to user management functionalities:

View - have an overview of roles

Create - add new user-defined role

Edit - edit user-defined role

Delete - remove user-defined role

No Access

Device Management

These permissions allow user to manage the devices connected to the Platform:

View - view already created devices and monitor their status

Create - create and connect new devices

Edit - edit devices, device types, device template, access control list

Delete - remove devices

No Access

Rule Management

These permissions focus on managing defined business rules:

View - view summary of previously created rules

Create - create new rules

Edit - modify previously created rules

Delete - remove rules

No Access


These permissions focus on managing access to dashboard and widgets:

View - view and have access to already created dashboards and widgets

Create - create new dashboard

Edit - add new widgets and change already existing widgets in the existing dashboard

Delete - delete dashboard

No Access


These permissions focus on managing access to reports and their management:

View - view list of reports and have access to them

Create - create new reports

Edit - manipulate reports (e.g. add another sensor to a report) or edit their names

Delete - delete reports

No Access


These are messages sent to notify when some issue occurs. They have only two permission levels:

View - a historical overview of all errors, warnings and critical notifications

No Access