Assign Predefined Roles

Member Roles

A role is defined as a named set of access permissions that are used to grant or restrict the user access to specific operations related to the modules within WolkAbout IoT Platform. Member roles are designed to enable you to efficiently manage user’s permissions.

Please note that one role can be assigned to one user only.

Every role contains:

  • Name (name of the role)
  • Description (optional description of the role)

There are three predefined roles within Roles Management menu. Permissions granted to these roles cannot be modified.

Admin - a role with all the permissions

Power User - a role with the access to all modules, but without administration rights (cannot add new devices, manage and add new users within user, role and device management)

Standard User - except the ability to view and read data within user management, device management, rule management, dashboards and reports, this user will have edit, create and delete permissions within dashboards and reports