Reading Types/Units/Conversions

Reading Types is a feature that helps you create/edit/update measurements coming in as a result of sensor’s and actuator’s readings, such as temperature, humidity, location, velocity, acceleration, radiation, and so on.

These include:

  • Name
  • Data type - defines the type of data coming from the sensor (NUMERIC, STRING or BOOLEAN)
  • Default unit - displays after you fill out Measurement Units tab
  • Data size - represents volume of data coming from device sensor (e.g. 1)
  • Labels - values separated with comma (e.g. data size is 2, longitude, latitude)
  • In use - indicates if the reading type is currently in use or not
  • Icon - reading type’s graphic representation

Search box enables you to search any reading type by its name.

Add Reading Type

To add reading type click the button in the Reading Types tab.

Add reading type dialog displays a list of various reading types in form of intuitive icons.

To create reading type:

  • Enter name (e.g. Temperature)
  • Select data type (e.g. Numeric)
  • Enter data size (e.g. 1)
  • Enter labels (if data size is more than 1; e.g. longitute, latitude)
  • Enter default unit (e.g. Celsius)
  • Enter symbol (e.g. C)
  • Select the appropriate icon
  • Click Create

Edit Reading Type

To edit reading type:

  • Select reading type you would like to edit in Add reading type tab
  • New Edit reading type dialog will display the following information:

  • Edit name, default unit and data type and size
  • Choose a different icon to represent your reading type
  • Click Update to save the changes
  • Your custom reading type will be displayed in the Reading Type tab and flagged with the appropriate symbol

Delete Reading Type

To delete reading type:

  • Check the box of the reading type you would like to delete in the Reading Type tab
  • Click the Delete reading type button
  • A new dialog will appear asking you to confirm the action

  • Click Delete

Please note that you can only edit/delete custom reading types! Default reading types cannot be edited/deleted!

Measurement Units

WolkReact Settings module displays Reading type’s drop-down menu where you need to:

  • Select reading type (e.g. Temperature)
  • Enter unit name, (e.g. Kelvin)
  • Enter symbol (e.g. K)
  • Define precision (there can be up to 10 digits after decimal point)

Please note that you can only edit/delete custom measurement units!
Default units cannot be deleted

Unit Conversions

WolkReact Settings module enables the creation of custom reading types and conversion of custom reading type units. Custom unit conversion allows custom reading type units to convert to another value.

You can edit and delete previously used custom reading type units.

To convert custom reading type:

  • Go to the Reading types tab
  • Select the Unit Conversions section
  • You will get a table with the list of unit conversions

The list displays: reading type, unit from which it was converted, conversion formula and unit to which it is converted. You can filter out list by units and reading types.

To convert custom reading type unit:

  • Click the Create conversion button
  • New Create conversion dialog will appear
  • Select custom reading type you would like to convert
  • Enter the unit from which you would like to convert
  • Enter the unit you would like to convert
  • Enter conversion formula
  • If you would like to check your conversion formula, enter Input value and click Validate
  • Converted unit value will be displayed in the Returned value text field

  • Click Create to complete the process

Note: You cannot delete/edit unit in use!