Messages Tab

Messages tab displays a list of messages and their details. The list is paged with the unread messages displayed in bold and the latest ones on top, by default.

Each message contains the following information:

  • Date: Time and date of the messages received
  • Source: Name of device and sensor/actuator/alarm that sent the message
  • Message Type: Type of the message (each type marked with the appropriate symbol)
  • Message: Message text
  • Description: Detailed description of a message (e.g. the condition under which the alarm activates)

To mark messages as read:

  • Click the checkbox and go to Mark as read
  • Message text will be unbolded, and you will receive a notice Selected messages were marked as read at the bottom right corner of the screen

You can select up to 10 messages per screen (a maximum number of messages that can be displayed on a screen), one by one, or use Mark all as read bulk mode.
It marks all the unread messages, not just those displayed on the screen you are currently on.

Filter Messages

Filter dialog, located above the list, filters out the messages according to read/all criteria (in Show text field), message type (Warning, Info and Alarm) and date.

Search Messages - Text Field

Search bar searches through the messages by their sources/semantic groups (e.g. living room, elevator), message texts and descriptions (e.g. high temperature, humidity…).

If you start entering any part of these three components in the search box (e.g. high for high humidity), the options with this word included will be listed in the Search messages field.

To clear filtering, and go back to default view, click the x button in the filter search bar.

Show - Text Field

  • Choose messages you would like to be displayed by read/all criteria
  • Click on a drop-down arrow
  • Choose all or just unread messages to be displayed

Message Type - Text Field

  • Choose messages you would like to be filtered by their message type and displayed in the initial messages screen
  • Click on a drop-down arrow
  • List of message types (Warning, Info, Alarm) will open

  • Select one

If you select:

  • Warning - all warnings you have received are presented in the list, with the appropriate symbol displayed in the message type column
  • Info - all info you have received are presented in the list, with the appropriate symbol displayed in the message type column
  • Alarm - all the alarms you have received are presented in the list, with the appropriate symboldisplayed in the message type column

Message type column displays symbols of the alarm severity levels.

From/To helps you filter out the messages received by date.

  • Click on a drop-down arrow
  • A calendar will open

  • Choose exact dates (from/to) of the messages you would like to be displayed
  • Filtered messages will be displayed on the screen

Alarm Notifications

Alarm Notifications menu is located next to the Account management menu in the application header.

To manage alarm notifications:

  • Click the Alarm Notifications menu button
  • Drop-down menu will appear with a list of the last three alarm notifications you have not read

Each notification in the list contains text of the notification, name of the semantic (sub)group/feed that triggered the alarm, symbol for severity level and time and date when the alarm was triggered.

  • Hover over any notification label
  • MARK AS READ hyperlink will appear with the same function as the one for messages on the initial Messages screen
  • Select it
  • Notification will be marked as read and will automatically be deleted from the list
  • Next in line will come to its place

If you mark alarm notifications as read on Messages tab, the counter and the list will be updated accordingly.

To directly jump to the Messages module from another module in the application, select Go to messages hyperlink at the bottom of Alarm Notifications drop-down menu.