Message Subscriptions Tab

Message Subscriptions tab helps you control all the incoming messages according to your needs. This way, you receive only messages relevant to you.

Message Subscriptions tab contains list of subscriptions which include the following information:

  • List of users - All users notified of specific change on the Platform
  • Origin type - Any asset type related to the Platform modules (e.g. Devices, Data Semantics, Rule, Dashboards, Report, or any custom event origin)
  • Origin - Specific origin related to the selected origin type
  • Event type - Possible occurrence performed on the Platform
  • Message type - Type of message you want to receive: Info, Warning, Alarm and No message

User is able to select a combination of Event and Origin types to receive a specific message for that action.

Add Subscriptions

There are five default types of Message Subscriptions:

  1. Action required - User receives a message caused by a situation which cannot be solved by the system and which requires an action from user (e.g. Turn the AC on rule cannot be performed because the device is removed)
  2. Execution error - User receives a message if some actions cannot be performed (e.g. Turn the AC on rule cannot be performed because of the electricity shortage)
  3. Enter alarm state (for feed) - User receives a message when feed reaches a defined alarm state
  4. Enter warning state (for feed) - User receives a message when feed reaches a defined warning state
  5. Enter alarm state (for alarm) - User receives a message when hardware alarm is sent from device

To add subscriptions:

  • Click the Add subscriptions button and fill out the requested fields:
  1. User - Enter name of the user you would like to notify about a specific change on the Platform; ‘All’ is used for all platform users
  2. Origin type - Select one from a drop-down menu (e.g. Rule); All is used for all Platform origin types
  3. Origin - Enter origin name (e.g. a specific rule you want to receive a message about)
  4. Event type - Select an event type (e.g. Deleted)
  5. Message type - Select one of the message types (e.g. Warning)

  • Click Save to finalise the process

Note: If you do not want to receive messages defined by subscriptions for all users, select No messages within Message type drop-down menu to override default subscriptions that you don’t have permission to change.

When you hover the cursor over icon, next to the Event type, a tooltip message appears with the additional information about the change that occurred on the selected origin type.

Messages will be generated according to the parameters you have set.

For example: For deleted Rule choose All Users to receive Warning message. Event type - Deleted; Origin type - Rule; Origin - Testing rule! (rule name) and Message type - Warning.

Note: User field in Add subscription dialog may/may not be displayed depending on your business context/user role you have!

As shown below:

Edit Subscriptions

In Edit subscription dialog you can only edit Message type field.

Delete Subscriptions

To delete a custom subscription:

  • Select message subscription checkbox you would like to delete
  • Click Delete
  • Confirm the action

Note: You can select multiple number of message subscriptions to delete, but you can only delete those on the page you are currently on.

Note: You are not able to edit or delete default subscription rules!