Add/Edit/Delete Gateway

Add Gateway

Within the Devices tab, click the button and select Create Gateway.

  • In new dialog define Gateway name and key

If you don’t enter the key, it will be generated by the Platform.

  • Select Add gateway to add gateway device
  • Select Create gateway to complete the process

Gateway Details

  • Go to the selected gateway device

You will be presented with the Gateway details: Info, Connectivity, Access, Data and Device list.

  • Info - Gateway name, status, last report and device key
  • Connectivity - to connect to the Platform you should get new credentials:
    1. Click the Get new credentials button
    2. Write down new credentials generated by the Platform
    3. New credentials can be downloaded or sent by email

Note: The Platform does not save the credentials due to security.

  • Access - Enables you to limit the access to your gateway device(s) by setting them as private/public. If you set it as private, you will be able to add members who have the access to this device and define the access type for each of them. Access type could be set to View or View/Modify.
  • Data - Within Gateway Details Data tab you are able to see name, type, the last value of the data sent from the selected device, as well as Data Trend and Status of each data feed on the selected device. Each value is followed by an arrow which indicates a trend for each data feed. The trend may be rising, falling or steady if the value is increasing, decreasing or relatively consistent comparing to previously received data.
  • Device list - List with all the devices connected to the Gateway.

Manage Gateway

  • All the created gateways will appear in the Device list on the Device page
  • Gateway devices are marked with a flag within a device list, therefore you can distinguish them from regular devices
  • You can search and filter either gateway devices or devices that are managed by the Gateway

Delete Gateway

  • Deleting Gateway deletes all the devices connected to the Gateway