Actility Integration

Actility Integration

WolkAbout IoT Platform allows you to connect devices via ThingPark Actility Platform. The connection provides a bridge to end devices and WolkAbout IoT Platform, thus enabling data acquisition from Actility. It also allows the creation of devices on WolkAbout IoT and ThingPark Actility Platform.

Actility - Generate Token

Note: Prior to connecting device to WolkAbout IoT Platform you have to create an account on the ThingPark Actility Platform!

Follow these steps to acquire the Actility token required for communication with WolkAbout Platform:

  • Go to ThingPark Actility
  • Select ThingPark DX Admin API
  • Click post/oauth/token and fill out the requested field as presented below

Once you create an account on the Actility ThingPark Platform and acquire the Access token, you will be required to enter it on the WolkAbout IoT web application.

Actility - WolkAbout Integration

  • Go to the Settings/Configuration button at the top right
  • Access Actility Integration

  • Copy Access token from the Actility and paste it into Access token field as displayed below
  • Click Save
  • Integration update dialog will appear

Expiration date field informs you of your token expiration date. This field is automatically filled out by the Platform.

Click the Show integration parameters button and the Actility parameters will be displayed.
Click to synchronize them in case the number of parameters does not match the one on the WolkAbout Platform.

Create Device

After you have completed the Actility Integration, you are ready to create Actility device:

  • Go to Create Devices/Device Templates screen
  • Click the button to create Device template
  • Select: from Scratch
  • Create and specify template with the following parameters:

- Device template name - required

- Description - optional

- Device type - standard

- Connectivity type - choose Actility

- Select Cayenne Protocol

  • Continue to create device by clicking Add device on the Devices screen
  • Actility specified template will be displayed

Click the Next step button to continue and fill out empty fields with the appropriate parameters:

  • Device name
  • Device key (Device EUI on Actility)
  • Connectivity plan
  • Device profile (e.g. LORA/GenericA.1_ETSI_Rx2-SF9)
  • Routing profile (e.g. TWA_100115922.10459)
  • Activation type (select ABP)

Select the Create semantic group from this device checkbox to create semantic group from this device.

For more information on how to create device template, please refer to Create/Update/Delete Device Template section of this guide.

Now, click Save and your Actility device will be created on both sides, WolkAbout IoT Platform and Actility.

Note: When deleted, the Actility device will be deleted on both sides, WolkAbout IoT Platform and Actility.

Note: In case you have already created the Actility account and want to connect your device to WolkAbout Platform, the procedure of creating device is the same.