Work with Dashboards

Dashboards module allows you to visualise real-time data by adding and arranging widgets.

Create Dashboards

  • Click the button on the home dashboard screen
  • In a new dialog type the name of your dashboard

  • Click Save changes

Note: These are the steps used to create the initial dashboard.

Click the button on the initial Dashboards screen to add new dashboards.

Number of dashboards you can add depends of the type of Platform version you have (Freemium or Premium).

Note: Prior to the next step, make sure you have connected at least one device to the Platform!

Edit Dashboards

Dashboards can be accessed by multiple users of the context if User Management is available.

There are two levels of access:

  • Private
  • Public

Note: Dashboard is private by default and can be changed to public.

User that created dashboard is the owner of that dashboard. There can only be one dashboard owner.
The owner can: create, update, delete or change data displayed on a dashboard.

Private dashboard
Private dashboards are managed through the access list.
Access type can be: View and View/Modify.
Each user in the access list can have one of these two access types.

Public dashboard
Public dashboards
are shared to all users who have permissions to view Dashboards module.

For more information on the Access Roles and Permissions, go to User and Role Management module, Create Access List on Assets and Assign Predefined Roles sections.

To edit dashboard:

  • Click the Edit button on the initial Dashboards screen


  • New dialog will appear
  • In Info tab edit Dashboard name,
  • In Access tab, define the access permission for users you would like to have the access to the report you created or have the access to


  • In new Add member text field add one or more users with whom you would like to share the dashboard you have created or have the access to


Note: You can add an infinite number of members.

  • To change the access permission from Private (default) to Public, choose Public from a drop-down list


TV Mode

Enter TV mode button enables you to see your dashboard in full screen mode i.e. without the top heading and sidebar menu on the left.


After you click the button, your dashboard will look like this:


To exit TV mode, click the Exit TV mode button on the left .

Delete Dashboards

To delete dashboard:

  • Click the Delete button
  • New dialog will appear
  • Confirm the action by clicking Delete

Note: You can delete the entire dashboard without deleting widgets first!