Manage Your Account

Account Management enables you to manage your account and provides additional information about the account and the application. It is located in the application’s title bar.

  • Click the User account menu button button
  • It will display a drop-down menu with Account and Log out options:


Enables you to modify your account by changing your credentials.

  • Select Account in the User menu drop-down

Choosing the account settings option

  • New Account settings dialog box will appear with Info and Password tabs
  • Change first and last name in Info tab

Account settings dialog

  • Change your password in Password tab

Account settings password tab

  • Click Save


Enables you to get detailed instructions on how to use the Platform.

  • Click the Help button in the application’s title bar

Choosing the help option

  • A drop-down will appear with:
    1. Start Tutorial - enables you to access and restart the tutorial at any time
    2. User Guides - enables you to access user guide for web and mobile application
    3. About - enables you to quickly access your account on Platform’s mobile application by scanning a QR code

Help menu

Log Out

Log out of the application.

  • Click the Account management button

Logging out

  • A drop-down list will appear

Log out menu option

  • Click Log out
  • A new Logout dialog box will appear

Log out confirmation dialog

  • Click LOG OUT to confirm the action