Handle Alarm Notifications

Alarm Notifications menu is located next to the Account management menu in the application header.

To manage alarm notifications:

  • Click the Alarm Notifications menu button
  • Drop-down menu appears with a list of the last three alarm notifications you haven’t read

Each notification in the list contains text of the notification, name of the semantic (sub)group/feed which triggered the alarm, symbol for severity level and time and date when the alarm was triggered.

  • Hover over any notification label
  • MARK AS READ hyperlink will appear with the same function as the one for messages on the initial Messages screen
  • Click on it
  • Notification will be marked as read and will automatically be deleted from the list
  • The next one in line will come to its place

If you read alarm notifications on Messages screen, counter and list will be updated accordingly.

To directly jump to Messages from another module in the application click on Go to messages hyperlink at the bottom of Alarm Notifications drop-down menu.