Create/Edit/Delete Feeds

Within Data Semantics tab you can create: (sub)group, feed and calculated feed.

This section will guide you through the process of creating feed in an already created semantic group.

Create Feed

To create feed in a previously created semantic group:

  • Find the semantic group you would like to create the feed for
  • Click the button
  • Choose Create feed from a drop-down menu
  • New Feed screen will appear with all the prompts needed to create feed and its features (thresholds)

  • In Feed details dialog enter: Feed Name, Data Source (device/sensor from which the feed comes from), Feed Unit (e.g. Celsius, Fahrenheit, Meter, Litre…).
    Feed Parent (semantic (sub)group to which the feed will be added) field is already predefined.

  • Click Save to finalise the process
  • The feed you created will be added to the semantic group in question (e.g. Living Room)

Edit Feed

Feed Thresholds

Within Feed screen you can also set thresholds for the feed you are creating. Feed threshold functionality allows you to set multiple, gradable thresholds on a feed, apart from its minimum and maximum values.

Set Feed Thresholds

To set feed thresholds:

  • Go to the Data semantics tab
  • Click on a feed you would like to set the threshold for
  • If you are creating feed, this window will appear:

Feed thresholds dialog displays:

  • Preview component graphically representing thresholds
  • One row field with one interval as a range

The range is defined by minimum and maximum values.

  • To create new threshold click the Split button next to the interval field

After performing a splitting action, the interval splits into two and a new interval row field appears.

In a new interval field define the State (normal, warning or alarm), the end value to which that interval will last (To field) and the message that will be displayed in the Messages module and in the Notifications drop-down.

  • To, State and Message fields are directly copied to the threshold that is currently being set
  • To, defined in the previous field, is set as From in the next active field
  • All To fields are in the right order - from lower to higher value
  • Send message - when a feed reaches a defined state, the message will be sent; this option can be active/disabled

Split action can be performed on all intervals.

With feed thresholds, you can edit:

  • To fields except the first and the last one
  • Message in all rows
  • State (Normal, Warning and Alarm)

From fields cannot be edited.

Enable/Disable Feed Threshold

You can enable/disable threshold.

When disabled, the configuration will not be applied.

After disabling the threshold, alarm state will be reset to normal, by default.

If feed threshold is enabled after being disabled, feed state will turn to normal, warning or alarm depending the last sent value and current threshold settings.

Delete Feed Threshold

To delete feed threshold:

  • Click the Remove button next to the interval field

The deleted interval will merge two intervals before and after the deleted one - left interval will be extended to the position of the deleted one.

Note: Delete action cannot be completed on the first interval.

Move to Option

Move the feed you are creating to another semantic group:

  • Go to Feed parent text field in Feed details dialog
  • Search the semantic (sub)group you would like to move the feed to

  • After you completed editing, click Save to finalise the process

Delete Feed

For more information on how to delete a feed, go to Create/Edit/Delete Semantic Group Data, Delete Semantic Group Data section.