Manage Your Account

Account Management enables you to manage your account and provides some additional information about the account and the application itself. It is located in the application’s title bar.

  • Click the /uploads/user button
  • It will display a drop-down menu with Account and Log out options:


Enables you to modify your account by changing your credentials.

  • Click on Account in the User menu drop-down

  • New Account settings dialog box will appear with Info and Password tabs
  • Change first and last name in Info tab

  • Change your password in Password tab

  • Click Save


Enables you to get detailed instructions on how to use the Platform.

  • Hover over the label
  • Click the Help button

  • A drop-down will appear with:

    1. Start Tutorial - enables you to access and restart the tutorial at any time
    2. User Guides - enables you to access user guide for web and mobile application
    3. About - enables you to quickly access your account on Platform’s mobile application by scanning a QR code

Log Out

Log out of the application.

  • Click the Account management button

  • A drop-down box will appear

  • Click Log out
  • A new Logout dialog box will appear

  • Click LOG OUT to confirm the action