The Tutorial is created to guide users through basic steps required to add device(s) to the Platform and visualise their data. All the steps need to be completed in order to start using different Platform modules.

Tutorial Start and Usage

  • Navigate to Getting Started Tutorial button at the bottom left corner


  • Go to User menu
  • Choose Help from a drop-down menu
  • New drop-down will open
  • Choose Start Tutorial

There are two ways in which you can use the WolkReact Tutorial:

Tutorial starts from the very beginning when there are no devices created/added. The tutorial will start automatically, and you will be presented with a five-step progress bar. After every completed step you will be able to take the next action.

  • Skip through the steps

You are able to optionally skip a step if you have already completed it (e.g. if you have already created the device manifest you will be able to skip this step and go straight to Create device). You can do it by clicking Skip this step.

There is a possibility for you to cancel the tutorial at any time, by clicking on Cancel tutorial.

Note: If you cancel the tutorial before completing all the steps, the sidebar will be closed, and you will have to start from the beginning.

The sidebar contains the link to the page of your current step, which means that you can click through WolkReact during the tutorial and get back to the last step you were on.