Edit/(De)activate/Delete Rule

Edit Rule

  • Click on a rule in the Rule list page
  • Its details will be displayed on new Rule details page
  • It includes two tabs: Definition and Access and Edit button

Note: The Access tab will be displayed if your business case supports it!


This tab displays all the settings you added and sections you completed to create a rule.

Edit any part of any section:

  • Click Edit button
  • A window will open with all the sections and settings displayed

  • Click Save to confirm the changes


If you have View/Modify access to the Rule, you can change its access lists by setting it to Private/Public.

If you choose the rule to be private, it will open a new dialog in which you need to confirm the action.

Now, you are the only one who can see the rule in question. In case you are not the creator, but someone else is, then that person will be able to see that rule as well.

Note: If you have created a rule with a semantic group which has subsequently been deleted or you have been denied the access to, you will not see Rule details information!

Activate/Deactivate Rule

You can determine whether a certain rule is active or deactivated by its status displayed in the Rule list.

To change the status of the rule:

Offline to Online

  • Switch the indicator in the Status column to online state
  • New dialog will pop up
  • Confirm the action by clicking on Confirm button in a dialog box

Online to Offline

  • Switch off the indicator in the Status column to offline state
  • You will jump to Rule details screen
  • Click Edit button
  • Now, you can edit all the settings and sections of the rule in question
  • Switch the indicator in the Status column to offline state
  • Click Update

Delete Rule

  • Select a rule in the Rule list


  • Click Delete


Note: A rule once deleted cannot be recovered. Nonetheless, the messages generated by the rule remain in the system!