Tele2 Jasper Integration

This integration enables activation and deactivation of Tele2 SIM card on WolkAbout IoT Platform.

WolkAbout - Tele2 Integration

Prior to connecting the device to WolkAbout IoT Platform you need to log in to Tele2 website to obtain certain parameters:

  • URL - you can get URL by following this link
  • API Key - log in to Tele2 Jasper, go to Admin/Users and create a user that will be used for integration with Tele2 (e.g. Integration User with enough privileges - set Access Type to both API and UI)

After you create a User, in User Details click on Show API Key.

Initially the Key will be hidden and displayed in asterisks.

Here you can copy the API Key, which will be used for the following action, as described below:

Create Tele2 Integration on WolkAbout Platform

  • Go to Settings page and select Tele2 Integration tab

  • Enter Tele2 URL, API Key and User name (Integration User)

  • Click Save

Create Device

After the integration is complete, you can start creating a Tele2 device. Firstly, it is necessary to create device manifest.

  • Go to Manifest Management page
  • Click on the button to create Device Manifest

  • Create and specify manifest with the following parameters:

- Device manifest name - required
- Description - optional
- Select one of the JSON Protocol
- Connectivity type - choose Tele2_JASPER
- Device type - standard

  • Click on the Create device, choose the Tele2 specified manifest and fill in the empty fields with appropriate parameters:

- Device name
- Device key (it is optional, the Platform will generate by default)
- ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card, a unique number that identifies an Individual SIM card)
This number will be provided by Tele2 Jasper within Tele2 Jasper-Device list screen.

To create semantic group from this device check the box below:

For more information on how to create device manifest, please refer to Create/Update/Delete Device Manifest section of this guide.

ICCID becomes automatically active when creating a device on both platforms.

Replacing ICCID

By clicking on the arrows Replace, as shown on the screenshot below, you can replace parameters of SIM card.

Enter the new parameters and click Replace.

You can also deactivate your card by clicking on the Deactivate button.