Work with Thresholds on Devices


Within Device Details Data tab, you are able to see Name, Type and the last value of the data sent from the selected device, as well as Data Trend and Status of each data feed on the selected device.

Each value is followed by an arrow which indicates a trend for each data feed. The trend may be raising , falling and steady if the value is increasing, decreasing or relatively consistent comparing to the previously received data.

Status of the data feed:

  • Normal - means alarm is not outside (above or below) the threshold, i.e. alarm state
  • Error - means alarm is outside (above or below) the threshold, i.e. alarm state

Settings button on the far right of the screen provides an access to the alarm threshold configuration. It is possible to set alarm threshold only for numeric and unary data feeds. By clicking on it, a new pop-up will display and you have to define high and low alarm states.

For example, a data value is a temperature where the high alarm is set to 50°C.

Specify text of the message and through the drop-down menu choose the alarm severity: Alarm, Critical and Error.

Note: Do not forget to enable the switch button and click Save!