Lora TTN Integration

WolkAbout IoT Platform is offering a possibility of connecting devices over TTN (The Things Network). This connection provides a bridge to the end devices and WolkAbout IoT Platform, thus enabling data acquisition from TTN. It also enables creation of devices on both Platforms, the WolkAbout IoT and TTN.

TTN - WolkAbout Integration

Prior to connecting device to WolkAbout IoT Platform you have to create the application on the TTN

  • Go to Settings page
  • Access Lora TTN Integration
  • Set the appropriate parameters to make connection between WolkAbout IoT Platform and TTN Application, as described below

Once you created the application on the TTN Platform, you will be prompted to enter the following parameters :

  • Application ID
  • Application EUIS
  • Access key

By clicking on Generate Token you will get Token which you have to enter in the TTN Application/Integration text filed, as shown below.

To save parameters, click Save.

  • Go to TTN Application/Integrations
  • Choose HTTP Integration
  • Enter generated token in the Authorization field
  • URL (e.g.) https://api-demo.wolkabout.com/api/incomingLora/readings
  • Fill in other required fields

To complete the integration, click Add integration.

Note: Only self-registered User (not invited one) has the possibility to create this integration!

Creating Device

After you have completed the Lora TTN Integration, you are ready to create Lora TTN device:

  • Go to Devices page
  • Create and specify manifest
  • Select Json Multi Reference Protocol
  • Click on the button and choose Lora TTN Device

For more information on how to create device manifest, please refer to Create/Update/Delete Device Manifest section of this manual.

Add Lora TTN Device by choosing Lora specified manifest.

  • Device name (on TTN it is Device ID)
  • Device key (on TTN it is Device EUI)
  • App key (optional - if not entered, it will be generated automatically and sent to TTN)

Don`t forget to click Save and your Lora device will be created on both sides, WolkAbout IoT Platform and TTN.