Smart Supply Chain

From storage conditions monitoring to real-time cargo tracking, WolkAbout helps you transform your supply chain conception to a modern, transparent, intelligent and predictive digital solution


Revolutionising Supply Chain Management

Implementing digital is a new wave of innovation for global supply chain management and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Companies that take advantage of new digital technologies will be able to track and trace goods faster, more accurately and reliably. At the same time, the wealth of analytics generated by the sensors in a connected fleet will help to predict vehicle failure and to schedule maintenance checks automatically.

Smart Supply Chain Solutions Built on WolkAbout IoT Platform

WolkAbout IoT Platform offers a scalable architecture for connecting any device or gateway, from RFID tags and BLE beacons to fleet TCUs and sensors on pallets. The Platform can further integrate with the ERP and CRM systems and provide them with accurate machine data. This helps clients build a solution which enables real-time visibility, tracking and condition monitoring of the entire assets, both in-transit and in-field. Now clients can leverage real-time operational and sensor data to manage assets throughout their lifecycle, as well as historical data to forecast requirements. By doing so, they are optimising the performance of their supply chain and reducing operating costs.

Furthermore, clients can use WolkAbout IoT Platform to connect their fleets to the Internet to be informed of the technical conditions and geographical positions of their vehicles and to ensure compliance with the established routes and schedules. This way, they are optimising working hours and reducing fuel costs, while ensuring the safety of drivers, vehicles and assets.

Digital Supply Chain
Use Cases

  • End-to-end visibility into packing and filling processes
  • Storage conditions monitoring and control
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Cold chain monitoring
  • Real-time cargo tracking and geofencing
  • Full asset health monitoring
  • Fleet location monitoring and route optimisation
  • Fuel consumption and driver behaviour monitoring
  • Theft, loss and unauthorised use reduction
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