Smart Manufacturing

By powering the existing manufacturing system with industry-grade WolkAbout IoT Platform, you receive full control over factory assets and processes in real time.


Digitally Transforming Factories

Also known as the Industrial Internet or Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is reshaping manufacturing processes and products themselves via harnessing sensor data, machine-to-machine (m2m) communication and automation technologies that have existed in the industrial setting for years. This way, IIoT transforms a semi-automated factory of today into a digitally active, synchronised and self-automated production facility.

Smart Factories Built on WolkAbout IoT Platform

WolkAbout IoT Platform understands m2m data flow process and serves as the backbone of modern, connected industrial systems. Since it is hardware and communication protocol agnostic, the Platform is easily connected with a broad variety of sensors, controllers, industrial PCs, device gateways and legacy control systems, allowing interoperability. At the same time, it enables the secure integration of these assets with the company's operations and business systems. This allows different parts of a factory to communicate with each other in near real-time and makes the entire production process much easier to monitor, control and automate by using mobile or web applications.

Finally, WolkAbout IoT Platform is fully capable of comprehensive process data analytics based on real-time performance. An enormous amount of data which is produced and stored on the Platform helps in identifying failures and inefficiencies rapidly. This leads to improvements in efficiency, quality, sustainability, more targeted distribution, and supply chain traceability. The data also enables clients to have live monitoring of the metrics that matter the most, like OEE, availability, performance and downtime. Applications are numerous, diverse and easily customisable to specific business eco-systems.

Connected Industry
Use Cases

  • Unified factory-wide interconnectivity
  • End-to-end operational visibility
  • Production line real-time monitoring and control
  • Multi-site remote asset monitoring
  • Remote equipment management
  • Production and material handling automation
  • Real-time workforce tracking
  • Failure mitigation and safety control
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