Smart Farming

By tying together different sensors, connected devices and farming facilities, WolkAbout helps you build a more productive and sustainable farming solution.


Powering Agriculture with the Smart Farming Technologies

The new digital age has planted its seeds in agriculture and empowered farmers to overcome the enormous hurdles they face. Thanks to these new technologies, agriculture is becoming less dependent on unexpected and harmful environmental variations. By using reliable, yet cheap and easy-to-install sensors and an abundance of insightful data they offer, farmers are incorporating highly productive ways to raise livestock and cultivate the soil, thus improving operational efficiency.

Smart Farms Built on WolkAbout IoT Platform

WolkAbout IoT Platform delivers all the modules necessary to operate a smart farming system, whether it includes single-purpose connected products, like livestock trackers, or multi-device solutions, such as resource mapping. By tying together different sensors, connected devices and farming facilities, WolkAbout IoT Platform streamlines the development of such systems.

Once a digitally-enabled smart farming solution is in place, farmers can easily track real-time data and make informed decisions. Sensors which are deployed across the farm and farming equipment and connected to WolkAbout IoT Platform, give farmers a 24/7 visibility of the soil and crop health. On top of that, they provide insight into the status of the farming equipment and the machinery in use, warehouse conditions, livestock behaviour and energy consumption level.

Smart Agriculture
Use Cases

  • Sensor-based field and resource mapping
  • Remote soil quality and crop monitoring
  • Multi-site remote equipment monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring and control
  • Livestock tracking and geofencing
  • Smart watering, irrigation and fertilisation
  • Indoor facilities monitoring (silos, dairies and stables)
  • Vertical farms and greenhouse automation system
  • Smart warehousing, logistics and distribution
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