Smart City

From cost-efficient waste handling to improved traffic management, WolkAbout helps you turn the city’s infrastructure into a smart city solution.


Cities of the Future

The trend toward urbanisation is indisputable. City expansion has introduced new challenges and increased the current ones, including environmental problems, traffic congestion and safety concerns. As the city population balloons, developing new concepts which combine the infrastructure and services with the latest technological offerings become a must. Existing and emerging technologies open up new horizons in everyday life, thus making the idea of the smart city the next logical step in city development.

Smart Cities Built on WolkAbout IoT Platform

Distribution of electricity, water and gas, maintenance of utilities, as well as the deployment of emergency services and traffic management are a few of the many places where a city can leverage the digital. WolkAbout IoT Platform’s scalable and reliable architecture meets the main requirements for any smart city application: connect, track, communicate and react, always in real time, through its scalable and reliable architecture.

Remote monitoring and control aside, analysing data from these devices and setting triggers based on real-time values can lead to faster decision-making at the system level. For example, smart lighting can be implemented for the efficient use of the city’s electricity. The system can dim the lights, turn them on/off according to the number of people on the road, and take the appropriate actions in case of failure, all without any human intervention.

Finally, a rapid IoT implementation, which is a major advantage of WolkAbout IoT Platform, allows smart city integrators to build their applications much faster and customise them or integrate with other systems.

Smart City Use Cases

  • Smart water and waste management
  • Pollution and toxicity remote monitoring
  • Smart grid automation
  • Smart city lighting
  • Intelligent transportation and traffic management
  • Smart infrastructure
  • Smart public safety systems
  • Risk management and disaster prevention
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