Oil and Gas Industry 4.0?

Oil and gas companies have acknowledged digital transformation as one of the key drivers behind increased productivity, safer operations and cost savings.


Help with digital change.

The biggest challenge for adopting digitalisation in upstream and downstream oil and gas has been deploying intelligent digital solutions at scale and properly introducing them into the business - to produce real effects.

Most upstream O&G companies have highly complex IT infrastructures across continents and multiple offices. Implementing new digital and data systems has been a considerable challenge and requires substantial funding, many stakeholders, and significant organisational changes.

The main goal should be addressing multiple streams of data coming from various sources, unifying this data and preventing it from being unused or wasted. The optimised data model should enable new operational and business insights.

Switching to a data-driven O&G Upstream.

Collecting and ingesting the data from field and process telemetry, various edge devices, SCADAs or different legacy enterprise systems, clouds or platforms.

Unification and preparation of the data utilizing Digital OilField (DOF) and Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) standards. Storing the data in a private data lake - on-premise, private or public infrastructure.

Providing fully implemented Digital Twin technology.

Incorporating expert knowledge base and algorithms in Logic Engine AI service - to learn, predict, prevent and execute - thus bringing machine learning and neural networks to data ecosystem.

Visualisation using dashboards and widgets for Web and Mobile devices - monitoring KPIs of any implemented upstream subsystem.

Digitalisation projects in O&G industry should be efficiently executed - on time and within a budget.

Professionals with several decades of expertise in upstream business lead WolkAbout's O&G Digital Solutions group. A strong team of industry specialists, backed with innovative I/IoT building blocks, fast forward to digital solutions of the highest quality.

Customers receive an industrial-grade, modular, scalable and highly secure digital ecosystem with clear data ownership and no privacy or security issues (on-premise deployment option).

WolkAbout partners only with proven industry experts and its own technology and products, thus ensuring top performance.

The development process is agile, with no-risk deployment and with the highest transparency.

All of this allows customers to focus on their innovation, not on IT or integration processes.