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Everybody knows there's an industrial revolution out there. In parallel, the evolution of people's needs and expectations is happening. One thing is unstoppable now in the transportation and automotive sectors - massive EV deployment.


Electric Vehicles are technology hungry.

But such a massive EV deployment comes as an enormous task. How to build and manage infrastructure to serve all those electric cars? How to check the availability of each EV charging point? Intelligent route to the nearest EV charger? Is the charging going to last long, and is the payment process secure enough?

EV charging will quickly become a necessity, similar to the current need for mobile phones and internet service.

WolkAbout's TECH STACK boosts any eMobility application or project.

One of the main avenues of WolkAbout's work is developing a technology for demanding B2B/B2C solutions that serve a large number of customers with personalized automatic machine services. This technology is crucial in building an EV charging business.

Use Case: EV Charging Platform

Charging stations and a cloud-based service aren't enough: EV drivers have to be able to find you as well. A future-proof charging service has to include registration and a customer portal and offer EV drivers solutions for finding and using the charging stations. Also, EV drivers want to be able to charge without a hassle — without having to constantly guess which RFID key or mobile app out of the dozens works at each charging station.

Modern EV charging platform needs to:

  • Manage availability and state of the EV chargers (available, reserved, in use, disabled).
  • Route users to the nearest EV charger.
  • Manage EV charging process.
  • Manage user accounts.
  • Manage and configure chargers, both dummy and intelligent.
  • Provide statistics and business intelligence for charger owners.
  • Manage payments using all available methods.
  • Provide loyalty and other marketing services to charger owners.

Case Study: Software, Process Control & Connectivity for ultra-fast EV Charger

Building and producing a fast DC charger station is a complicated tech task. And we are not talking only about liquid cooling cables.

The most important feature here is smart charging, i.e. the ability of the charger to connect to a cloud-based service. This connection enables the charging station to be updated and controlled remotely. OCPP, Open Charge Point Protocol, is a de facto standard in the EV charging industry, empowering a connection between hardware and software.

In several ongoing projects, WolkAbout engineers implemented various industry protocols to enable smart features on ultra-fast DC charging stations:

  • CAN, Modbus - inter-module communication
  • CCS and CHAdeMO - communication with EV
  • OCPP - communication to cloud-based service
  • Custom vendor protocols - communication with RFID reader
  • Additional, WolkAbout is involved in a complete "from idea to market-ready product" cycle.