Transparent Pricing for Any Stage of Your Digitalisation Journey

Choose a package that fits your business and technology needs.
No complex calculations. No hidden fees.


Great for evaluating WolkAbout IoT Platform functionalities. Get started building your prototype in minutes. It’s free forever!

Limitations: 1 account, 3 devices, 3 rules, 2 dashboards

6 months of data retention

Hosted on WolkAbout’s cloud instance

Free hardware and client libraries

Free web and mobile app

Email support: 3 business days to reply


Everything you need to manage your digitalisation wrapped up in one package. And with simple pricing!

1 499
Annual Contact us
Lifetime Contact us

Complete set of basic features GoTo GoTo

Unlimited users, devices, rules, dashboards, data retention*

Free branded Web, iOS and Android apps

Hosted in your infrastructure: on-premises or cloud

Bug fixes and patches

Email support: 2 business days to reply

*Depending on the infrastructure


Design a custom package for your digitalisation. Whatever your requirements, we can put together a product to meet them!

Includes everything in the Basic package, plus:

Advanced modules available as an additional purchase GoTo GoTo

Custom modules available per request GoTo GoTo

Multi-client capabilities available per request

Email support: 1 business day to reply

SLA and Premium Support plans available GoTo GoTo

Partner and Education

Join our Partnership network and get access to our Digital Transformation Suite under partner conditions. Exploit its capabilities for non-commercial purposes and PoCs.

Testing, learning or teaching using a full-featured IoT platform

Increased market awareness and business network footprint

Increased visibility through PoCs

Joint case studies, white papers, solution videos

Synchronised performance when evaluating joint projects

Company/University listing on WolkAbout company page

Which Modules Are
Included in the Basic

Use a pre-integrated and ready-to-run suite to quickly get started connecting your devices and building your digital application.

Connect & manage


Device and gateway connectivity and lifecycle management, firmware and software updates

Connect & manage


Management of users and user groups; role-based access management, authentication and authorisation

Connect & manage


Data ingestion, processing, storage and management; creating digital representations of physical assets

Connect & manage


Using DSL to define real-time actions and process automation based on the incoming data and business logic

Connect & manage


Live unified view of all data and processes, data history, customisable alerts, message subscriptions

Which Advanced Modules
Are Available?

Customise and enhance your package with advanced modules. Use them to create enterprise-grade IoT solutions with much ease.


Native Multi-Tenancy
System Administration
Custom White-Labelling per Tenant

Connect & manage


Mass Device (de)Provisioning and Management
Advanced Gateway Management
Remote Device Troubleshooting

Connect & manage


Mass User Onboarding and Management
Identity Access Management
Audit Tracing and Trailing

Connect & manage


Advanced Data Modelling
Synthetic Variables
Data Plugins and Exporter

Connect & manage


Rule Scheduling
Advanced Conditions: Geofencing, Counter, Duration
Advanced Actions: HTTP request, Generate reading

Connect & manage


Raw Data Live Charts and Widgets
Tracking App
Integration with Third-Party Data Analytics Tools

Connect & manage

Looking for the costs of Advanced modules? Contact us

Which Premium Services
Are You Offering?

Upgrade your package with our premium services for expert help and guidance.

Learn more
Connect & manage


If you want to get familiar with our product rapidly, we are offering a two-day training (in-person or online) to teach you how to use WolkAbout IoT Platform and share our best practices.

Connect & manage


Different Premium support plans provide unmatched around-the-clock assistance and high availability for business-critical environments where an immediate response is required.

Connect & manage


Our Customisation team can help you develop and deploy your digital applications. If you need new protocols, specific reports and integrations, innovative rules, we are the best in the IoT class!

Connect & manage


Get the expertise and services you need to successfully deploy WolkAbout IoT Platform on-premise. Also, we can perform dedicated installations in your Azure, Google Cloud or AWS environments.

Connect & manage


Our Embedded team can help you overcome typical challenges regarding hardware design, firmware development and connectivity. Also, we can provide tremendous help when building PoCs.

Connect & manage


Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, we are here to help you with the industry know-how through consulting services, workshops, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions,

We want you to have the smoothest buying experience possible. But we know you might have a few questions. Read on for answers.

  • Is the Evaluation package really free?

    Yup! The Evaluation package comes with 3 devices, 2 dashboards and 3 rules limit, and enough messages to build your IoT prototype. It also comes with free web and mobile apps hosted with us. Do note that the Evaluation package comes with a limited feature set.
  • Do we have to sign a long-term contract?

    There’s no contract - just pay month-to-month if you want. You can cancel at any time without penalty.
  • Can we change our package and add Advanced modules later?

    Of course! Just contact us, and we’ll create a new offer.
  • Is there an option to buy a perpetual lifetime licence?

    Yes, you can buy the perpetual licence of the Basic package. Be aware that the source code is not provided. A suite of software is sold as is with no modifications and customisations. No app updates are available unless an issue is found. Contact us to find out more.
  • What payment options are there?

    You can pay by full bank transfer. Details are on the invoice. Credit card and PayPal payment options are coming shortly.
  • Are there any discounts if we buy an annual plan?

    Yes, we offer a two-months discount if you choose the annual subscription. We also provide special offers for partners and educational institutions.
  • Do you have any cancellation fees?

    Nope, we don’t have any cancellation fees. You can cancel whenever you want. If you cancel, you’ll be billed for the current month, but you won’t be billed again.
  • Do we need to buy the Onboarding Workshop service?

    Of course not! We are offering comprehensive developer documentation and user guides, so you can start building your IoT application without our help.
  • How can we offer services to our enterprise customers through WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    There are three alternatives for you:
    You can simply have one instance of the Platform for each customer. This would give each customer a separate, dedicated space so that they would not be able to see each other’s data.
    Secondly, if this is too complicated, you can purchase an Advanced package with the multi-client capabilities and manage your customers entirely yourself on one Platform instance.
    If you want to have one instance without paying for multi-client capabilities, you can use the role-based access control to limit functionality and data access to your customer users. This may be suitable when you want to jump-start a project.
  • Who owns my data?

    You do! It's your data after all. We want you to be with WolkAbout because you love using the product, and not for your data, or even worse, because your whole solution is stuck in it.

Got more questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us