First Platform as a Product
on the Market

With its broad range of backend-modules, client apps and
gateway software, WolkAbout IoT Platform provides the core
functionalities for successful digital transformation.


Numerous Modules
Joined in One IoT Platform

Use key modules to easily connect, monitor and control disparate devices and apps across the business with ensured availability and interoperability. Obtain a unified view of your enterprise.

Deploy your solution on-premises, in a public or private cloud, or as a multi-layered hybrid.

On-premises Private cloud Public clout Multi-layered security

Tools to Accelerate
Your Digital Transformation

Use our ready-made tools to navigate data-to-application integration without requiring years of IoT expertise. Start small and rapidly move beyond proof of concept to full production and scale.


WolkAbout IoT Platform is designed to help in developing custom web and mobile apps that can securely control and manage your product through open APIs, SDKs and client libraries. It also offers comprehensive device and gateway SDKs in various programming languages and full developer guides for integrating devices using MQTT and REST.

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WolkAbout IoT Platform’s ability to integrate with other systems allows you to build a complete business environment by adding your industry-specific components and third-party apps.

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Integrations with legacy software, enterprise applications, connectivity platforms, cloud services, business reporting and analytic tools

Platform-to-Platform integrations and shared device provisioning and data management

Export and import of any system or device data to numerous formats

Supported devices


If you’re looking to speed up your time to market, we also offer a white-labelled suite of web and mobile applications called WolkReact. This suite provides much of the functionality needed to jump-start your digitalisation and makes it available through simple clicks and drag & drops.

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Architecture Built for
Performance and Availability

Be successful at scaling digital transformation with a secure, reliable and modular architecture that enables customisation.

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Elastic scalability of WolkAbout IoT Platform (enabling scale up and scale out); Docker containers for excellent isolation, small footprint, easy distribution and fast startup.

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Modules can be added, removed and updated independently, enabling sizing of the Platform servers from embedded environments up to cloud infrastructures.

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Low-latency bidirectional communication between devices and the Platform, bulk devices registration and deprovisioning, and near-real-time device monitoring status.

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Zero lock-in; no need to configure and modify the core of the Platform for additional functionalities.

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Effective handling of numerous types of devices over multiple types of communication protocols to feed data into the cloud or in-house servers.

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Tested for availability under the most traffic-intensive work environments, with fault tolerance, efficient failover and disaster recovery solutions.

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