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  • Which advanced modules are currently available?

    Contact us to get a fresh list of the currently available advanced modules, together with their cost.
  • Does WolkAbout IoT platform include an off-the-shelf permission scheme?

    Our integrated user management provides off-the-shelf permissions scheme that includes authentication, management, fully customisable user role definition and access control lists.
  • Can I manage different customers on one instance of the IoT platform with secure data segregation?

    Our multi-tenant architecture allows you to:
    • Manage all your customers on one instance with data segregation
    • Leverage built-in tools to administer individual customers
    • Provide every one of them with custom-white labelling
    By doing so, your customers will consume the service from the same technology platform without having access to each others’ tenants. This reduces the risk of data leakage and brings extra value to data security.
  • What kind of devices and systems can I connect to WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    WolkAbout IoT Platform is device and connectivity agnostic allowing you to connect any device or a system that suits your business needs.
    • We built our Platform to support industry standard IoT protocols - MQTT, CoAP and HTTP so that we can integrate with any IP and non-IP-enabled device. Open source connectivity libraries called WolkConnectors and WolkGateway are used to help connect the device to the Platform. A gateway comes useful whenever your endpoints aren’t capable of direct cloud communication.
    • WolkAbout IoT Platform also includes interfaces to major IoT connectivity platforms so that you can connect your LoRa, Sigfox and NB-IoT devices.
    • Finally, we can help companies connect their legacy machines and tools which are not natively Internet-enabled, like PLCs, by fitting them with a simple gateway mechanism.
  • Where can WolkAbout IoT Platform be deployed?

    WolkAbout IoT Platform can be deployed in the public or private cloud, on customer’s premises or as a multi-layered hybrid. This way, customers can choose the deployment model for their typical business scenario, which fully meets their business needs, time and resources. For example, on-premises deployment is the optimal solution for companies that want maximum control, while deployment in the cloud offers accelerated time to value. With different deployment options that WolkAbout IoT Platform offers, companies can scale from single virtual machine to enterprise-grade cluster.
  • Can I install WolkAbout IoT Platform in a network without Internet access?

    Yes, this option exists! Contact us to find out how.
  • How many devices can WolkAbout IoT Platform serve?

    As many as your solution needs! WolkAbout IoT Platform is horizontally scalable. It is designed to manage a broad variety of devices, projects and tons of data. Performance tests have indicated that there is a linear dependency between the system performance and the number of nodes, meaning that as you add nodes, the performance increases proportionally.
  • Which communication protocols does WolkAbout Platform support?

    The Platform is directly able to connect itself to sensors communicating via HTTP and MQTT, with the guarantee that AMQP and CoAP will be supported in the following months. Further, the Platform is able to process data from IoT networks LoRa and SigFox. To connect to these networks, you will need a special account provided by a specific provider (for Sigfox it is SimpleCell, for LoRa it is Actility or The Things Network); this is something WolkAbout doesn’t create for you.
  • Can devices from different producers be connected to WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    Absolutely! WolkAbout IoT Platform is completely interoperable, and it supports any connected third party devices.
  • Does WolkAbout IoT Platform support gateways?

    A gateway comes useful whenever your endpoints aren’t capable of direct cloud communication. WolkAbout IoT Platform supports this specialised type of devices because they serve as access points for non-IP-enabled sensors, machines and PLCs.
  • Which types of device connectivity are supported?

    WolkAbout IoT Platform allows interoperability between multiple connectivity technologies including:
    • Traditional cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G)
    • Cellular LPWA (NB-IoT, Lte)
    • Non-cellular LPWA (LoRaWAN, Sigfox)
    • Satellite
    • WLAN
    • Wired LAN
    • Non-IP wireless
  • How do I scale to new systems and device types if my requirements change in the future?

    Fear not! WolkAbout IoT Platform’s agnostic architecture provides you with a future-proof guarantee that new protocols will be supported and easily integrated no matter which hardware you use.
  • How flexible is WolkAbout IoT Platform for legacy architecture?

    Highly flexible! By fitting legacy machines and tools with a simple gateway mechanism, the devices developed pre-IoT connectivity collect data and send it to the IoT Platform. This allows you to easily tap into your data anywhere, anytime and gives you full control over your assets!
  • Can devices that are NOT directly connected to the Internet access WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    Yes, via a physical hub (gateway). Devices connected to a private IP network and devices using non-IP radio protocols such as ZigBee or Bluetooth LE can access WolkAbout IoT Platform as long as they have a physical hub (gateway) as an intermediary between them and WolkAbout IoT Platform for communication and security.
  • Can I control hardware remotely using WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    Absolutely! WolkAbout IoT Platform has the ability for device actuation, i.e. for remote HW control, as well as for remote device configuration, troubleshooting and firmware/software update.
  • Can I use WolkAbout IoT Platform to perform Over-The-Air (OTA) updates of the firmware or software of my existing products?

    Of course! Check our user guides to learn how.
  • Can we use simulators with the Platform?

    Our ready-made simulators help you understand a system’s behaviour without actually testing it in the real world. Useful insights in this phase save a huge amount of time and eliminate the risk of mistakes in the production.
  • Where does WolkAbout IoT Platform store data?

    We use structured databases (MySQL) for devices, users and transactions, while event and telemetry data are stored in the high-performance key-value databases. WolkAbout IoT Platform currently supports Cassandra as an option for NoSQL data storage.
  • What are sources of data for WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    Apart from sensors, a source of the data can be any third-party application (for example, external weather data, road conditions or commodity pricing).
  • What is Data Semantics / Data Modelling?

    Our Data Semantics module enables you to define your own business logic by modelling data and creating virtual representations of real-world objects or systems. You can describe your business case by creating Semantic Group hierarchies and link data and operations coming from one or many different devices at the same time, as well as by adding the physical world context through semantic attributes. In this way, if a device breaks down, or is replaced, the data is not lost - you just need to remap the semantics to a new device. Finally, based on the business case modelled through data semantics, you can turn device data into intelligence that can be utilised across multiple systems and applications.
  • How does WolkAbout Rule Engine work?

    The WolkAbout Rule Engine lets you react in real-time on real-time data by ingesting that data, reasoning on it and invoking automated actions based on the result of that reasoning process. It enables you to trigger actions, notifications, machine-to-machine communication and automation of customers’ business processes. All Rules are based on a similar Triggers-Actions Structure.
  • Which types of notifications can I receive from WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    We have support for push notifications, emails, SMS and B2B messaging systems (eg. ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ).
  • Can I visualise the data coming to the Platform?

    Of course! There are different options for data visualisation:
    • Build and customise operational dashboards to monitor valuable data in real time and gain a unified view of all processes and systems. Choose among different widgets: live sensors’ readings, gauges, maps, layout widgets, notifications, charts, various types of actuators, and more.
    • Show devices, groups, routes, geofences, and other objects on the maps that use any source, such as Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, or others; add the layers and enable indoor tracking.
    • Analyse historical data through reports and integrated analytics tools.
  • What is geofencing?

    Geofencing allows you to visually define multiple places of interest for each asset separately and create events whenever assets enter or leave geofence zones.
  • What integration possibilities are supported by WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    WolkAbout IoT Platform can expose data through the protocols that can be used for data acquisition. Integration via SOAP, REST and similar protocols allows full server control as well as pulling any structured data from the WolkAbout’s unified data model. Platform’s ability to integrate with other systems allows you to build a complete business environment by adding your own industry-specific components and third-party applications. Without such flexibility, adapting an IoT platform for a particular business scenario could bear the significant extra cost and delay the solution delivery.
  • Is WolkAbout IoT Platform fault-tolerant?

    Yup! WolkAbout IoT Platform is designed to be fault-tolerant. There is no SPoF in the cluster, and the endpoint data is stored in fault-tolerant databases.
  • How reliable and available is the platform?

    You want your IoT platform to be stable, dependable and fault-tolerant from services’ perspective. This is why we’ve tested our Platform for availability under the most traffic-intensive work environments, with fault tolerance, efficient failover and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Can I scale?

    Of course! WolkAbout IoT Platform can acquire and store a warehouse of data! It can manage billions of transactions in real-time without compromising the integrity, security, reliability and functionality of your solution along the way.
  • Can I connect multiple applications together and create cross-application business logic?

    Sure! WolkAbout IoT Platform allows you to connect it to existing operations. As a result, you can do shared device provisioning and data management. This is important because some of the actionable data can reside in IT systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Building Management and Warehouse Management Systems. Of course, besides custom integration work, we provide you with an easy way to add new integrations through the open APIs, and to export and import any system or device data to numerous formats. By integrating WolkAbout IoT Platform with existing legacy software, enterprise applications, connectivity platforms, Cloud services, business reporting and analytic tools, you can create a master application. Thereby, you are streamlining your work and obtaining a unified, holistic view of your enterprise.
  • What if I need to change the business logic or extend the functionalities of WolkAbout IoT Platform? How extensible and customisable is the platform?

    No worries! Our Platform offers modular architecture allowing you to choose among the set of functional modules, and adapt them to your business needs. Plus, you can augment it with add-ons and plugins without configuring and modifying the core of the Platform. So, yes, our Platform is highly flexible, extensible and open to customisation.
  • Does the platform include out-of-the-box web and mobile apps?

    Yes! WolkReact is a suite of ready-made web and mobile apps with modern browser concepts, including intuitive design and streamlined workflows. It allows you to manage all of the Platform functionalities smoothly, safely prototype and figure out what’s going to work or not.
  • Can I use white-labelling services?

    Of course! We’re also offering white labelling per tenant.
  • Can I try using WolkAbout IoT Platform for free?

    Yup! There’s no easier way to get a glimpse of what WolkAbout IoT Platform can do for you than trying it for free. Create a free account and figure out if the Platform fulfils your requirements.

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