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  • What type of devices can be connected to WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    Since WolkAbout IoT Platform is hardware agnostic, users can connect any device that suits their solution without requiring any special adaptations. They can connect an existing product (various sensors, gateways, wearables, smartphones, or industrial PCs, machines, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc.), design an IoT-enabled product from scratch or adapt a previously IoT-enabled product. The only requirement is that device must be IP-enabled or use the gateway with an Internet connection.
  • How many devices can WolkAbout IoT Platform serve?

    WolkAbout IoT Platform is horizontally scalable. It is designed to manage thousands of devices, projects and tons of data. Performance tests have indicated that there is a linear dependency between the system performance and the number of nodes, meaning that as you add nodes, the performance increases proportionally. On a single node, it has been tested with 10,000 concurrent users using 50,000 devices, with near real-time responses.
  • Where does WolkAbout IoT Platform store data?

    Some metadata (users, report references, feeds, points, user sessions, user settings) is stored in an SQL database (MySQL), but all of the endpoint data is stored in a NoSQL database (measurements and messages). WolkAbout IoT Platform currently supports Cassandra as an option for NoSQL data storage.
  • Which network protocol does WolkAbout IoT Platform use?

    WolkAbout IoT Platform currently supports MQTT and HTTP(s) protocols, with the guarantee that AMQP will be supported in the following months.
  • Is WolkAbout IoT Platform fault-tolerant?

    Yes, WolkAbout IoT Platform is designed to be fault-tolerant. There is no SPoF in the cluster, and the endpoint data is stored in fault-tolerant databases.
  • Where can WolkAbout IoT Platform be deployed?

    WolkAbout IoT Platform can be deployed in the public or private cloud, or on customer’s premises. This way, customers can choose the deployment model for their typical business scenario, which fully meets their business needs, time and resources. For example, on-premises deployment is the optimal solution for companies that want maximum control, while deployment in the cloud offers accelerated time to value. With different deployment options that WolkAbout IoT Platform offers, companies can scale from single virtual machine to enterprise-grade cluster.
    Furthermore, we have developed an easy-to-use approach regarding on-premises Platform deployment. The only system requirements are minimum 2 GB of system memory (recommendation is at least 4 GB), 30 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space, Internet access and Linux or Windows OS. WolkAbout team uses VirtualBox software, where an image is imported, which represents the entire set up of WolkAbout IoT Platform. This approach enables setting up an instance of WolkAbout IoT Platform on-premises in just a few minutes and doesn’t require the additional expertise of a customer’s team.
  • How does WolkAbout Rule Engine work?

    Much of the power of IoT stems from the fact it allows us to react in real-time on real-time data. The WolkAbout Rule Engine fulfills that role by ingesting real-time data, reasoning on those data and invoking automated actions based on the result of that reasoning process. It enables you to trigger actions, notifications, machine-to-machine communication and automation of of customers’ business processes. All Rules are based on a similar Triggers-Actions Structure.
  • Can devices that are NOT directly connected to the Internet access WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    Yes, via a physical hub (gateway). Devices connected to a private IP network and devices using non-IP radio protocols such as ZigBee or Bluetooth LE can access WolkAbout IoT Platform as long as they have a physical hub (gateway) as an intermediary between them and WolkAbout IoT Platform for communication and security.
  • Can devices from different producers be connected to WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    WolkAbout IoT Platform is completely interoperable, and it supports any connected third party devices.
  • Is there a possibility to control hardware remotely using WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    WolkAbout IoT Platform has the ability for device actuation, i.e. for remote HW control, as well as for remote device configuration, troubleshooting and firmware update.
  • Which types of notifications can users receive from WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    We have a support for push notifications, emails, SMS and B2B messaging systems (eg. ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ).
  • Who owns the data in WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    Customers are in full ownership of their data. More information on this subject you can find in WolkAbout’s Privacy Policy. If after reading our policy you have any unanswered questions, please contact us at
  • What privacy options are available with WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    WolkAbout’s Privacy Policy reiterates our pledge to never sell or share your data and explains what we collect and how we use it. We care a lot about the privacy of our users. If after reading our policy you have any unanswered questions, please contact us at
  • Is the data transfer secure in WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    Yes. In the default transport implementation, data communication between the devices and WolkAbout IoT Platform is secured using TLS.

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