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  • About WolkAbout mobile app:

    WolkReact (shortened “WolkAbout”) mobile app is free to use application which enables access to your devices’ data from Android and iOS devices (compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). Its purpose is to enable visualisation of real-time data collected by WolkAbout IoT Platform, monitoring of significant events and controlling actuators connected to the Platform.
  • Do I need to pay in order to use WolkAbout mobile apps?

    No, both WolkAbout iOS and Android apps are free to use.
  • Where can I get WolkAbout app for Android?

    You can download WolkAbout Android application from Google Play Store.
  • Where can I get WolkAbout app for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)?

    You can download WolkAbout iOS application from Apple iTunes Store.
  • On which versions of Android and iOS devices do WolkAbout apps run?

    The WolkAbout apps run on both iOS and Android devices that meet the following specs:
    • iOS - running iOS 10.0 or newer (compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)
    • Android - running version 4.4 (KitKat) or newer

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