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  • Who owns my data?

    You do! It’s your data after all. We want you to be with WolkAbout because you love using the product, and not for your data, or even worse, because your whole solution is stuck in it.
  • Which security requirements do you fulfil?

    Security is embedded in every layer of the Platform through:
    • Authentication and authorisation at both user and the device level
    • Setting permissions and privileges with proven role-based access control model
    • The encryption of data-in-transit and data-at-rest
    • TLS protocol to secure communication
    • Login control using session tokens and expiration timeout management
    • Wide array of configurable security auditing and logging
    • Certification using some of the most rigorous security assessments
  • What privacy options do you offer?

    We care a lot about your privacy and the privacy of your data and that’s why we pledge to never sell or share your data or jeopardise it in any kind of way. To get all the details and solve any dilemmas, please visit our Privacy Policy page. Still in doubt? Reach us out at We’ll be more than pleased to answer any of your questions.
  • Is the transfer of my data secure in WolkAbout IoT Platform?

    Your data is safe with us! TLS is what makes data communication between the devices and WolkAbout IoT Platform secure and prevents any data vulnerabilities.
  • Can I comply with GDPR requirements?

    For sure! Being committed to transparency with our users, we took steps to make our IoT platform fully GDPR compliant. Our robust and proven security model will keep your ecosystem secure and data safe.

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