WolkAbout IoT Platform enables rolling out new connected products at a record pace. Find out how you can easily connect, manage, monitor, control your devices and get hold of valuable data. WolkAbout IoT Platform is hardware agnostic, designed to connect various devices and interface with humans and conventional IT. It is horizontally scalable, offering intuitive drag & drop tool to get you started with your IoT projects.

WolkAbout IoT Platform provides:

  • Device Management, User Management, Data Visualisation, Reporting, setting up Rules and overall Centralised Messaging System
  • Free web tool needed to quickly navigate data-to-application integration without requiring years of IoT expertise
  • Free Android and iOS applications for monitoring your eco-system
  • Open source libraries, WolkConnectors, to rapidly connect your devices to the Platform
  • APIs for smooth integration with other IT systems and services
  • SDKs and code examples for pilot development

The following comprehensive guides and documentation empower the launch of the IoT projects in a matter of hours. WolkAbout team is here to provide email support and assist during the process.

Enjoy your WolkAbout experience and don’t hesitate to contact us!