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WolkConnectors are open source software libraries that are used to connect any IP-enabled device to WolkAbout IoT Platform making it WolkAbout-aware.


WolkAbout exposes its complete functionality through programming interfaces (APIs), which can be used in your own applications and in your own devices.


Instructional Videos

Connecting Device to WolkAbout IoT Platform

Want to learn how to connect your device to WolkAbout IoT Platform in a few easy steps? Our series of instructional videos walks you through three steps you need to take to connect your devices in minutes.

Data Semantics Module

Check out our series of instructional videos that showcases how you can create, manage and modify a Semantic Group, as well as how to create a Calculated Feed in a matter of minutes.

Rule Engine

Want to know how to create Business Rules? Our video gives you an in-depth explanation of this module and demonstrates how you can create a business rule in just a few clicks.

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