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Here in WolkAbout, we’re fully committed to helping you capitalise on new digital technologies and accelerate your industrial transformation


By Engineers, for Engineers

Organically led by engineers, our mission is to make complex digital
technology simple, accessible, and practical

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In 2013, a team of veterans in the industrial automation and software development industry gathered around the idea to help clients address the high-performance demands of the connected world. From then on, we’ve been transforming the value chains across industries ranging from manufacturing to agriculture.

We’re strong believers that successful digitalisation opts for a partner that provides industry-ready functionalities while staying responsive to your business and technology needs. And, this is what WolkAbout is all about!

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Supported devices

Our innovative spirit, deep industry insights and unmatched digital technology expertise are the foundation of everything we do. We built a complete IoT application enablement platform you can use broadly and extend to suit your needs. Plus, it comes with a set of user-friendly tools that allow system integrators, product and service providers to develop and rapidly bring industrial-grade digital applications to market.

And that’s not all! Our experienced team can provide you with every service you need to get your digital system up and running, to maintain it and make sure all of its aspects are functioning perfectly. Being customer-obsessed, we constantly seek new ways to empower you to out-pace your rivals and lead your industry. With all of our offerings, you can get proven results in weeks instead of years.

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Nurturing the Culture of
Innovation and Excellence

Our core values exist to help everyone at WolkAbout make decisions that build a lasting product leadership company

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Placing the customers at the centre of everything we do and striving to exceed their expectations

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Solving novel customer challenges towards better and digitally transformed future

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Delivering our very best in all we do and holding ourselves accountable for results

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Nurturing the drive to constantly do better and push boundaries through collective genius

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Being honest, open, ethical and fair; creating a culture of warmth and belonging

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Striving for simplicity in all things, from our product and business model to our processes

From Startups to the
Leading Enterprises

Our customers are organisations of all sizes leaning towards digitally transforming their businesses and building connected products or services

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Meet the Brains behind WolkAbout

Our diverse team of engineers, developers, designers, marketers and data nerds hails from different nationalities and backgrounds, but with two things in common — right expertise and driven attitude