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WolkAbout is aimed at empowering the development of IoT applications that are transforming companies and industries, and opening up a new era of economic growth and competitiveness. Founded by a group of goal-driven experts with 15+ years of experience in software engineering and industrial automation, the company has built a robust IoT application enablement platform from the ground up for the Internet of Things.

December September

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Our customers are all organisations leaning towards digitally transforming their businesses or building connected products.

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Meet Our Team

WolkAbout is a customer-oriented company
organically led by engineers.
With 40+ people on board and a focus on addressing high-performance demands of the connected world, WolkAbout is the right partner for forward-thinking companies.

Nikola Antic
Nevena Berat
Nemanja Maksimovic
Djordje Marinkovic
Milan Dinic
Milenko Radic
Radovan Skendzic
Igor Holod
Nikola Lukic
Pedja Ulic
Nenad Milikic
Ivan Sop
Mladen Maksimovic
Radoslav Mirkov
Tamara Radic
Srdjan Stankovic
Mladen Ruzicic
Petar Stojnic
Suncica Dimovski
Milan Zlicic
Ivan Reljin
Nemanja Zigic
Jana Cetic
Natasa Krneta
Tatjana Radisic
Branislav Mirkov
Tamara Radijevac
Dusan Pajic
Aleksandra Rapajic
Danilo Jesic
Branko Milikic
Milana Tubin
Milan Stankov
Jelena Keravica
Maja Budinski
Marko Lekic
Marko Vladusic
Sonja Kovacevic
Stevan Curcic
Lazar Bozic
Dejan Stefani
Svetlana Kovacevic
Vladimir Stojanovic
Milan Jankov

Why Do I(o)T Alone?

In order to seize a tremendous opportunity the IoT presents, we believe it is essential to find the right business and technology partners. This is why we are continuously expanding our Partnership network by collaborating with the top IoT players with complementary skills and knowledge.

The combination of devices, IoT application enablement platform and services from our partner companies not only allows for the rapid deployment of large-scale, innovative IoT applications, but it brings forth new ideas and products.

Thanks to our synergy, businesses are provided with a complete IoT experience.