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Connect Your Device to WolkAbout IoT Platform Using Node-RED

Connect Your Device to WolkAbout IoT Platform Using Node-RED

Node-RED is a visual tool for wiring devices, online services, and APIs together. It runs on top of NodeJS and provides a browser-based editor for quick and intuitive flow editing and deployment. NodeJS’s event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, makes it ideal for running on most widely used devices.

Having this and the tremendous rise in popularity of JavaScript in mind, WolkAbout developed WolkConnect-Node-RED, a library of Node-RED nodes using ES6/2015 standard of JavaScript. The library, used as an npm package, expands default Node-Red functionalities and helps connect to WolkAbout IoT Platform from a variety of devices, operating systems, or from the cloud.

Node-RED Connecting to Platform

The GitHub repo offers instruction on how to install the npm package and connect two example devices to the Platform.

To see an example of the library running on Raspberry Pi, read one of our Hackster projects.

In the meantime, join our WolkAbout community for free and start building your own amazing IoT project.

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