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Connect Your Device to WolkAbout IoT Platform Using C Library

Connect Your Device to WolkAbout IoT Platform Using C Library

The C programming language is still perhaps the most popular programming language for programming embedded systems. It offers low-level control and runs very efficiently even with limited memory and CPU resources, which makes it an amazing tool for precision engineering.

These features are sure to be put to use when developing an IoT solution. To that end, WolkAbout developed WolkConnect-C - a library implemented in the C99 standard of the C programming language with a small memory footprint that exposes a simple API for communicating with WolkAbout IoT Platform. The WolkConnect-C library is also architecture and transport layer agnostic, meaning it could run on virtually every embedded system with IP connectivity.

The GitHub repository offers instructions on how to build the library on Debian based systems to kickstart the development process, as well as the guidelines on how to adapt it on bare metal devices.

To see an example of WolkConnect-C library running on a bare metal device, read one of our Hackster projects.

In the meantime, join our WolkAbout community for free and start building your own amazing IoT project.


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