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Enabling Home Automation with WolkAbout Z-Wave Module

Enabling Home Automation with WolkAbout Z-Wave Module

What if all your home devices could connect to the Internet? We mean everything - from a door lock and lights to clocks and windows. And, what if all those devices could talk amongst themselves, send you information and listen to your commands? It would create a unique digital experience whose key component is IoT.

Z-Wave Devices

If you’re new to home automation, you won’t have escaped Z-wave logo displayed on the boxes of most smart devices. But, what is Z-wave?

It is one of the most popular home automation protocols designed for home automation and remote control applications.

Z-Wave devices have become widely available on today’s market. Essentially, they are used for remote control and management in a variety of smart home devices and IoT applications. These include smart locks, smart lighting, smart plugs and outlets, smart home hubs and smart thermostats. Z-Wave meets all the requirements for efficient home automation:

  • low power consumption
  • remote or local control
  • a number of available devices working together
  • reliable and secure communication
  • cost-efficiency

WolkAbout Z-Wave Module

To help make your home smart, WolkAbout created WolkGatewayModule-Z-Wave. This library was made as a module for our gateway that enables Z-Wave devices to communicate with WolkAbout IoT Platform.

To showcase the WolkGatewayModule-Z-Wave, we created a couple of projects, one of which was particularly interesting. We used an Aeotec Z-Stick connected to a Raspberry Pi 3+ to control a Smart Dimmer and LED Bulb. We also reported readings from Multisensor and the dimmer’s energy meter to showcase an example smart home.

WolkAbout Z-Wave Module

Due to the enormous value and a number of benefits Z-wave brings to everyday home living, this is a perfect moment to dive in and start building your home automation project with WolkAbout IoT Platform by using WolkGateway Module Z-Wave.

WolkAbout IoT Platform offers a range of features that help you build killer apps for intelligent home products in a few days instead of weeks. By design and through different libraries, it is compatible with virtually any modern consumer product or microchip.

Stay tuned for our follow-up post detailing how to build a Z-Wave project with WolkGateway and WolkGatewayModule-Z-Wave!


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